Wednesday, June 21, 2017



Why, you ask am I talking about introspection?

Well , it is because I am feeling a lot better than I have felt in the last year or more.

I believe this increased well-being feeling is due to the fact that I have been exercising. About 4 weeks ago I found a Gymnasium where I can actually attend for free. It had only been open about a month. So I went in for a visit and was very pleased with the equipment and its' condition, which was superb.

Because of my age and my medical insurance, I am a Silver Sneaker member. This means that I can sign in and the Insurance Company will reimburse the Gym for my visit.

Anyway, back to the title's question, Introspection, is sometimes a good thing. I am referring to my
feeling so upbeat now a days. I have been going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week  and doing cardio as well as strengthening exercises.

I know, physicians and other professionals tell us the good exercises help your body develop endorphins. In my youth I worked hard and did a lot of physical labor  So I was always feeling good. It is truly wonderful to have that feeling back again.

I am blessed to feel this way again at age 81. Thank you Lord Amen.

This is the Georgia Hillbilly signing off.

"(C) Copyright by Victor Winebrenner"